Overview of the Slot Game Spartans vs. Zombies

Zombies! Everything appears to be conspiring against them at times. Everything from plants to humans to Grandma is fighting back. Perhaps things would be different if the shambling horde weren’t so hellbent on wiping out humankind. We stray from the topic at hand, so let’s get back to the slot machine that pits the undead against the finest warriors of antiquity: the Spartans. Stakelogic’s Spartans vs. Zombies has two distinct bonus rounds, one for each warring faction.

A bizarre cast of people is pitted against one another in a similarly out-of-the-ordinary setting. Depending on your perspective, the main game takes place on the Spartan Planet, a rocky terrain with a winding staircase in the centre. Where else, after all, would a group of Spartan soldiers be able to face off against a horde of the dead? It must be a harsh, remote, and potentially hazardous environment. After all, there were no supermarkets, shopping centers, or other public places where a zombie outbreak could occur in those days. It’s an unusual combination that requires some mental gymnastics to make sense of. It could make more sense after a good hit, like the one we got in one of the first free spin rounds we played.

The winning spin in question resulted from a bonus purchase, but players can also wager from 20 percent up to 100 pounds or euros on each individual spin, or make use of the game’s Super Stake feature. The Super Stake feature doubles the wager and boosts the potential for winning free games. The theoretical return to player (RTP) for Spartans vs. Zombies is just 96.24%, making its underlying math model very unstable.

The technological details also include 5 reels, 3 rows, and 20 paylines on the game board. Any combination that pays out must do so across a payline, from left to right, beginning with the first reel. Players win rewards of 1.5x-4x the bet for the 10 to A symbols when five matching symbols link up in this way, and 5.5x-15x the bet for the spears, helms, two columned building, zombies, or Spartans. The Multipays function plays a pivotal role in the drama. The first three reels are paid for any wins, the fourth reel is paid for any wins it contributes to, and the fifth reel is paid for any victories it enhances. There are also several instances where wild symbols appear. They share the ability to stand in for other pay symbols. The standard wild symbol appears on all reels and multiplies bets by 15 for a successful line consisting of five wilds.

Features of the Slot Game Spartans vs. Zombies

There are a number of methods to enter the game’s two bonus rounds in Spartans vs. Zombies. Three scatter symbols anywhere on reels 1, 3, and 5 will activate either the zombie bonus game or the Spartan bonus game, respectively.


The Zombie Meter will add up any visible zombie symbols from the beginning of the game, and you’ll get three hearts just for seeing them. Each time the wheel is spun, one heart is taken out. If the bar is full, you’ll trigger the Zombie Free Spins bonus round. When free spins are awarded or all the hearts are used up, the meter starts over. When visible Spartan emblems are present, a similar Spartan Meter is activated.

Spartan Spins for Free

When activated, you receive 10 free spins with a multiplier of x2 on all wins. However, before the game begins, players are given two shield selections that may reveal more free spins or a higher win multiplier. Reels 2, 3, or 4 may become completely wild for the current spin if the bonus is activated. Finally, free spins are added for each scatter that appears.

Spoons Without Zombies

There will be a total of 10 free games offered, with an extra bonus spin provided for any scatter that appears throughout the feature’s duration. There is a possibility that 1-2 Sticky Wild symbols will be added to the reels before each free spin. If 2 are, the multiplier for the second Sticky Wild is between two and ten. Wins that include multipliers are increased by the combined values of the multipliers applied.

Add-On Purchase

Spartan Free Spins may be purchased for 100x the stake, while Zombie Free Spins can be purchased for 200x the wager. Otherwise, you can randomly acquire either feature for 150 times your wager.

Casino Game Outcome: Spartans vs. Zombies

Spartans vs. Zombies pits an unusual collection of foes against one another, which may or may not put some people off right away. You’ll find a rather entertaining online slot hidden under the weird selection of features and mediocre visuals. How eager you are to see Spartans vs. Zombies finally come together and achieve something spectacular might determine whether or not you remain with it. This was accomplished early on in the testing phase, which bodes well for its further development and implementation. It would have been simpler to write off Spartans vs. Zombies as a curiosity if it hadn’t immediately delivered on its promise of showing what would happen if a wave of zombies smashed up on the rocks of a Spartan shield wall.

The earlier outcome mentioned here occurred during the more thrilling Zombie Free Spins bonus round. The Spartan Free Spins were fine, but they weren’t anything special. They were just a typical helping of free spins with a win multiplier and full reel wilds thrown in. However, Sticky Wilds and Sticky Wild multipliers are available during Zombie Free Spins. The fairly high values they may achieve are counterbalanced by adding them together when more than one wild multiplier is employed in a win rather than multiplying them, but they can still yield astonishingly fantastic returns when a deluge of them floods the reels. No matter how the game is packaged, this is the kind of addition that may wow. It had also been put to excellent use in games like The Wildos, Sweet Rush Megaways, and The Dog House Multihold, all of which were released around this period. The combination of Multplays has the potential to make it stand out, and the mechanic is far more compelling here than in Diamond Staxx Multipays. Like pizza, sticky wild multipliers are a welcome addition to every slot machine. How terrible could they possibly get?

Depending on how you feel about the rest of Spartans vs. Zombies, the answer to that question may change. The ancient warriors being attacked by zombies may be a ridiculous premise, or it could be just what the doctor ordered. Of course, ambivalence is also a possible middle ground answer. Spartans vs. Zombies has the potential to deliver massive thrills, so anyone considering the proposition shouldn’t have a hard time getting their money’s worth of amusement out of it.

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