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Situated on the ocean between the shore and the open sea, a rocky islet shelters the Koubba of the Marabout of Sidi Abderrahmane. Whole families live there thanks to fortune-tellers, a women who read the future in handlines or in molten lead. They predict happiness, never misfortune, and promise happiness and fertility with gray-shots and rituals. believes who wants to. But without a doubt, this small piece of land is full of mysticism and is considered a mythical paradise, a place of hospitalization for those who have lost faith in medicine: people with illnesses such as, bad luck, impotence, a spell, the evil eye, and madness come to seek remedy. The history of this curious and tiny island, even if very busy, is always surrounded by mystery. It is said that Sidi Abderrahmane lived and died there in the nineteenth century on this island, a holy man from Baghdad. Pious and solitary, this man fell in love with the sea and nature. He would have retired on this island in order to flee from a world too cruel for a holy man. Thus he lived on his island, praying day and night. He was so generous and helpful, that he decided to build a house for him on his island. The holy man, preferring to sleep under the stars, refused to lodge there. From then on, his home became a home for all the pilgrims. The legend tells that Sidi Abderrahmane had the power to walk on the water and could thus travel through worlds was accessible to him alone.


City: Casablanca