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At the central market of Casablanca, the view and the smell are breathtaking! This is one of the must-visit places if you pass through the city. Located near the Medina, this temple of simple pleasures attrackts all the Casablancans from 11 am to 3 pm in a festival of colors and perfumes. Those staying at the hotel will almost regret not having the chance to cook the superbly presented and appetizing products displayed there! Fish and seafood straight out of the ocean, fruit and vegetable pyramids, brewed with vibrant colorful flowers, not to mention an unlimited range of products that will awaken you. On weekends, the animation is at its height under the white arcades surmounted by azulejos of the central market. Do not miss it !! In addition, if you are hungry after having tasted some of these products, sit down on the terrace of one of the restaurants in the area and enjoy a traditional dish, especially those that include fresh fish.


City: Casablanca